Beschle 64% Fleur de Sel & Pistachio

Beschle 64% Fleur de Sel & Pistachio

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This Beschle dark chocolate incorporates slivers of pistachio and a pinch of Camargue fleur de sel into a fairly mild and innocuous chocolate, but one that still manages to push all the right buttons. Some chocolate with sea salt can be too powerful, but this isn't. The pistachio works to not only keep the intensity of the flavour profile in check but also to pull it into a different direction.

The chocolate itself is made with Grand Crus Trinitario beans from Madagascar and that in itself lends itself to a more adventurous flavour but, again, it is restrained by being 'only' at the 64% level. 

This is a lovely chocolate to sit down and relax with after a hard day's work.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Lot Number n/a
Best Before 10/08/2014
Produced In Switzerland
Cocoa 64% minimum
Ingredients Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, pistachios (5%), Fleur de Sel (0.5%), emulsifier (soya lecithin).

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