Blood Chocolate Syringe

Blood Chocolate Syringe

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Yes, we thought this was a bit freaky too. Even when you've been through the whole list of unusual chocolate that Zotter make this still has to be one of the most obscure, and perhaps even most shocking. Here you have a combination of milk , raspberries, cocoa butter and blood. Even though the neknominate craze has thankfully passed us by, you can even suggest that your friends try and down this in one without flinching. It isn't easy.

But the thing to consider, and this is what Zotter point out, is that if you're a fan of cold cut meat you'll likey to have as much blood in this syringe as you would find in any of the continental cold cut sandwiches. We're not talking frog's legs, snails or horse meat here - but just don't suggest that to Josef Zotter!

Of course they taste sweet, but there's also that indescriptive edge that you just want to put to the back of your mind!

On the bright side, they can fully trace the source of the blood as Zotter has their own farm which they source ingredients for their chocolate. This isn't some dodgy stuff from an unknown abattoir in the middle of industrial Russia.


Additional Information

Volume 12ml
Ingredients Strawberry pulp°(55%), raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, dried strawberries°(4%), lemon concentrate°, skimmed milk powder°, whole cane sugar emulsifier: soy lecithin°, lemon powder°, vanilla°, salt.

Traded in compliance with Fairtrade standards: raw cane sugar°, cocoa butter°, whole cane sugar°
- Total: 26%
Cocoa Solids NBone
Volume 12ml
Best Before 17/04/13