Blood Chocolate (with a bit of Raspberry)

Blood Chocolate (with a bit of Raspberry)

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Several years ago we were trying to get Josef to start producing this chocolate made with blood from the cows raised on their farm. Unfortunately, Josef's wife put a stop to this. Recently I caught up with Ulrike, who gleefully told me this chocolate was back in production and all you lovely people can enjoy / endure it. 

Meat-eaters will consume blood in various forms. Perhaps in undercooked steaks, black pudding and all sorts of other things, so why not in chocolate? With only two percent of this chocolate containing blood, it won't come across as anything too overpowering, but their still a very distinctive blood, iron flavour that runs through it. 

Personally one bar a year is more than enough for me, but some, strange folk that loved the bacon bits chocolate should like this one. And if you're looking for a Secret Santa gift or a Christmas present for a family member who thinks they can stomach all kinds of foods then you really do have to get them one (or more) of these!

Additional Information 

Brand Zotter

Noble Bitter Chocolate° filled with Cornelian Jelly°(22%) and Raspberry Blood Ganache°(30%)
Ingredients: raw cane sugar°, cocoa mass°, cocoa butter°, cornelian puree°(8%), fructose-glucose syrup°, milk°, almonds°, dried raspberries°(2%), blood°(2%), butter°, skimmed milk powder°, lemon concentrate°, apple balsam vinegar°, gelling agent: apple pectin, elderberries concentrate°, emulsifier: soy lecithin°, salt, lemon powder°(lemons° & corn starch°), caraway°, vanilla°, thyme oil°

Weight 70g
Cocoa 70% minimum in the coating
Fairtrade Content 70%
Best Before 13/03/2016