Bonnat 65% Asfarth Milk Chocolate

Bonnat 65% Asfarth Milk Chocolate

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At first I didn't know why this Bonnat had called this bar "Asfarth", however, on research it appears to be named after the area of Sumatra where the yellowish cocoa is used is grown. If you are a milk chocolate lover who appreciates a very smooth texture and a natural rather than forced sweet taste then this bar could well be for you.

As an artisan chocolate maker you shouldn't think this will be meek and unadventurous as traditional milk chocolate. It does offer an exceptional, well-rounded chocolaty flavour that has a definite leaning towards the milk ingredient but does still manage to take you on a journey through summer fruits and then an almost 'dark chocolate' tone. 

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Best Before End Mar 2016
Cocoa 65%
Produced in         France
Origin Java
Ingredients Cocoa (minimum 65%), cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder.
Dietary Kosher - We can't prove this.