Bonnat 65% Surabaya Milk Chocolate

Bonnat 65% Surabaya Milk Chocolate

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This slightly dark milk chocolate from Bonnat is as luscious as the Asfarth - which is also from Indonesia, but from the island of Java instead. If there is a creamier milk chocolate available I'm yet to find it! The fact that this chocolate is made from a strain(s) of the Criollo variety is even more special given the fact that Indonesia is the world's third largest producer of cocoa and most of it is of bulk varieties. 

In terms of flavour profiles its firmly in the buttermilk field. There isn't actually a lot of cacao flavour in there. There's very little acidity - just a small hint of strawberries, it's almost like bubblegum.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Cocoa 65%
Produced in         France
Origin Java
Ingredients Cocoa (minimum 65%), cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder.
Dietary Kosher - We can't prove this.