Bonnat Haiti 75%

Bonnat Haiti 75%

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Haiti really does need our support. They had issues before the earthquake and they've most certainly go them now. We can help them by purchasing chocolate made from their cocoa. 

This is an unobtrusive chocolate that has a fairly low roast and a very good melt - the flavours just keep giving. And speaking of the flavours, you should experience a tonne of figs supported most notably by black pepper. 

Despite this chocolate being made from an unspecified hybrid cocoa it certainly holds itself up with the other Bonnat chocolates and others from the origin, perhaps even superseding the likes of the Naive, Richart, Castelain and Soma chocolates from the island. Perhaps only the Los Ancones from across the border in Dominican Republic can compare.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Best Before End April 2015
Cocoa 75%
Produced in         France
Origin Haiti
Ingredients Cocoa (minimum 75%), cocoa butter, sugar.