Bonnat Porcelana 75%

Bonnat Porcelana 75%

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Chocolate made with Porcelana beans carries a higher price for two main reasons, firstly there is incredibly little grown and harvested each year so there is a very severe shortage of the bean and the sheer quality of the bean itself and the flavours that are available to expert chocolate makers - and Bonnat is certainly one of those. 

This 75% chocolate typifies Bonnat's approach: a rich creaminess that just washes over your and smothers you with decadent love. As would expect from this bean too, the flavours are mild and characterising raspberry, ream and perhaps even a milder form of hazelnut. If you prefer less acidic, intense chocolate but love your quality then this is a great place to get your fix.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Cocoa 75%
Produced in         France
Origin Venezuela
Ingredients Cocoa (minimum 75%), cocoa butter, sugar.

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