Bouga Cacao 100% Dark Chocolate

Bouga Cacao 100% Dark Chocolate

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For those of you who have loved our other 100% chocolate bars we have another for you to try. Of course this one is only made from cocoa beans; there are no other added ingredients such as sugar, soya lecithin or vanilla. This is chocolate at the most natural you can find it in bar form. Even though Arriba Nacional cocoa bean is not classed as a true 'fine flavour' bean as it's of the Foresterro family of beans, it still does manage to offer an excellent punch and an extremely lengthy melt. The cacao is grown near to Guayaquil in western Ecuador in the Hacienda Bosque de Oro farm. In terms of flavour notes Arriba Nacional is undoubtedly a tobacco flavour bean. It's very earthy with a hint of Brandy and an extreme bitterness that runs through. To fully enjoy this bar you would need to just let it naturally melt in your mouth. It may also be enjoyed with a sweet dessert wine.    

Additional Information

Weight 40g
Lot Number 1401
Dietary May contain traces of nuts,milk solids and lecithin.
Ingredients 100% cocoa
Best Before 31/03/2016
Origin Ecuador
Cocoa Minimum 100%
Made In France

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