Bouga Cacao 100% Chocolate Melange

Bouga Cacao 100% Chocolate Melange

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If we ever fail in the chocolate business I know we wouldn't make it in graphic design by the looks of this product photograph. Nonetheless, what we have here is technically a 250g Mélange of 100% Bouga Cacao chocolate pieces with either cocoa nibs, crystalised violet, cristalised rose petal, cryysalised orange peal, spices or a mix.

Essentially a mélange is bedding of rocks of various sizes and in this form it is a selection of misshapen and irregular slabs of chocolate - the same chocolate which form the chocolate hearts we have available for Christmas and Valentine's Day. Then the chocolate works out at 2.6p / gr but in this for it works out at half that price.

We find they're great to nibble just in the same way that we love munching on the 100% tempered chocolate shaves from Blyss which are priced at £27.45.

Additional Information

Best Before 31/12/2014
Ingredients 100% cocoa solids and cocoa nibs, crystalised rose, crystalised orange peel, crystalised violet or varied spices (figs, thyme, red berries and ginger.) or a mix.
Produced In France
Weight 250g