Bouga Cacao 100% Demies Cabosses

Bouga Cacao 100% Demies Cabosses

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Along the same lines of the Puro Hot Chocolate which is available in powdered form we have a version that is doubly different. Not only do you get 150g worth of the chocolate but y ou have them created in 'demies Cabosses' form. That's in the shape of half a cacao pod. We love how these look - rustic for sure, but lovely. 

The idea is that you drop two into a mug of hot milk and stir to form a luscious, intense, rich hot chocolate. But we've also had them 'neat' in that we just popped them in our mouths and let them melt naturally. They are certainly on the intense side as they have less cocoa butter than 'normal' 100% chocolate, and the texture is quiet coarse. 

Whatever way you have them I'm sure you'll enjoy their intensity and bitterness.

Each packet will contain about 24 of the demies cabosses so that's about 12 mugs of steaming hot, luscious chocolate which works out at about 50p a serving.

Additional Information

Weight 150g
Origin Ecuador
Produced In France
Ingredients Cocoa
Best Before End September 2015