Bouga Cacao 100% Ishpink A La Casse

Bouga Cacao 100% Ishpink A La Casse

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We absolutely love the rustic, laid-back nature of Bouga Cacao. They make wonderful 100% chocolate without the pretence of some makers. This is born out of the fact that their approach is fairly rudimentary and concentrates on ethically sourcing the cocoa from Ecuador and the flavour, rather than on expensive packaging.

Previously we stocked their 77% Hacienda bar which was flavoured with the Amazonian Ishpink spice. Then we hoped that one day they would create a 100% version and thankfully they have. That 77% bar was produced in a 40g format, but here we have a 'slab' of chocolate that is broken into pieces so they add up to around 100g.

The spice is subtle but does give their already smooth 100% an even smoother finish on the palette which may even produce slight edges of strawberry against that natural, but contained acidity. There are odd flashes of the spice that seem to mimic brandy and when they happen they add a flash of added flavour to the experience.

Additional Information

Cocoa 100% minimum
Weight 100g
Ingredients Cocoa (100%), Ishpink (Ocotea, Quixos)
Origin Ecuador
Dietary May contain traces of nuts,lecithin and milk products.
Produced In France
Best Before 31/10/2015

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