Bouga Cacao 100% Rustica

Bouga Cacao 100% Rustica

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Over the past two years or so the Bouga 100% with Figs has proven very popular. But now we have an exclusive, the same rustic, natural and pure 100% but without the figs - especially for those that wish to limit their intake of sugars. Of course there is still very minimal amounts of natural sugars in cocoa solids, but we believe none of that is at all noticeable. 

We have many customers that love the more direct, powerful, unadulterated versions of 100%, more so than the much creamier examples such as the Pralus 100%. And if you're someone who values flavour over a smooth visual appearance then this chocolate has to be for you. The chocolate are made from rough cuts of set chocolate, simply packaged. To my mind they're reminiscent of where they're made: the French Pyrenees. It's dry there, the mountains are jagged and its nothing like you'll experience anywhere else. This is a very interesting and unpretentious chocolate.

Additional Information

Cocoa 100% minimum
Weight 60g
Ingredients Cocoa (100%)
Origin Ecuador
Dietary May contain traces of nuts,lecithin and milk products.
Produced-in France
Best-before 31/10/2016

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