Bouga Cacao 100% Sweet À La Casse

Bouga Cacao 100% Sweet À La Casse

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We've seen a great number of people try and return to Bouga Cacao's 100% chocolate with figs, their heart with spices and berries and their 70% Boite with spices so I was sure they would extend that range and offer a rustic bag of 100% shards with a variety of inclusions. 

'Grab bags' of chocolate are now very big business. The likes of Cadbury and Nestle seemingly produce a couple of varieties each season. It’s the convenience of them, it’s the mindlessly dipping your hand in and not knowing what you'll get. Of course you know you'll be pulling out Bouga's delicious and rustic 100% dark chocolate adorned with either violet petals, figs, physalis, thyme red berries and ginger. It’s this sort of pot luck that would beautify any quiet night in with a book and soft music. 

In the clear bag you'll get 150g of chocolate and adornments, they're all natural and wholesome, and should last you a fair while as they do pack a great deal of flavour which, of course, tantalises your taste-buds for an age.




Origin Ecuador
Best Before End March 2014
Produced In France
Cocoa 100%
Ingredients 100% cocoa, with dried physalis, violet petals, figs, thyme, red berries and ginger.


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