Bouga Cacao Amazonia 100% Hot Chocolate

Bouga Cacao Amazonia 100% Hot Chocolate

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The original form of chocolate is actually hot chocolate, or chocolatl as it was original called a thousand years ago and beyond. The beverage was originally made in the Amazonian basin and was unsweetened. This drinking chocolate follows the same style.

Much of the hot chocolate you can buy in the supermarket is made with a very sweet mix of ingredients. Here you get a powdered cocoa that isn't de-greased and also has no sugar, so it's almost as natural as you could possibly want. It does, however, have a small amount of ishpink which is has a flavour similar to cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and is used to flavour their ishpink chocolate bar. What's more, the cacao trees planted and harvested in Ecuador are done so by a collective of growers in the APPOS co-operative and who use sustainable processes. 

If you are fed up with the overly commercialised hot 'chocolate' that are marketed to us during winter then this bag of 100%  

NB: This now comes in black packaging with resealable metal clips.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Produced In France
Origin Ecuador
Ingredients Cocoa,Ocotea Quixos (Ishpink)
Best-before 30/04/2016