Bouga Cacao Citron Perou

Bouga Cacao Citron Perou

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The cacao grown for this unusual bar of dark chocolate comes from the town of Quevedo which is located in central Ecuador. Most of the chocolate that markets on the origins of the cacao isn't actually made in that country, but shipped as beans to another country for manufacture. However, these Bouga Cacao beans are actually manufactured in Ecuador which has the benefit of leaving more of the money you spend on this chocolate being left in the country of origin and helps to support local communities. As with the other dark chocolate bars in this Hacienda range the chocolate comes in a sleek black box with yellow and green branding. 
This 40g of chocolate comes into 20g individually wrapped "sticks" which helps you savour rather than devour it. And savour you should as this is a very interesting chocolate experience. I actually found the aroma strange as a combination of red wine and fish and chips - but don't let that put you off as this is a fascinating one. The flavour is spicy but with a floral backdrop, just like the unflavoured 77% bar. But what makes this special is that it includes extract of Verbena (Aloysia citrodora) which is a plant native to the Andes in South America and is cultivated for its aromatic leaves which have a citrus characteristic. If you do like unusual and unique chocolate, then you should try this one.

Additional Information

Weight 40g
Produced-in Ecuador
Batch-number 90111
Origin Ecuador
Best-before 30/03/2012
Ingredients Cocoa,sugar (23%),essential oil Aloysia citrodora

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