Bouga Cacao La Rustica Finca 70%

Bouga Cacao La Rustica Finca 70%

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Here you're able to witness the true flavour of the cacao bean as the La Rustica range of chocolate is both unrefined and non-conched and is unflavoured other than raw cane sugar which accounts for 30% of the ingredients.

As you can gather, this range is a very rustic, unpolished selection of chocolate bars that tries to get back to the original chocolate bar form and texture. It also aims to give back more to the local cacao-growing communities of Central America as the cocoa used here is grown and processed by members of the APPOS co-operative in Ecuador and then hand-crafted by a small team in southern France. This unpretentious style of chocolate is hugely appreciated here as the experience becomes more about the chocolate than its branding. 

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