Caribeans Raul Kekoldi 72%

Caribeans Raul Kekoldi 72%

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If you want exclusive chocolate then this has to be one to try. It is made from cocoa grown by the historic Kekoldi community in  the Talamanca mountain range in central Costa Rica. We've been told that there is a high level of Criollo DNA present in the cocoa used here, but we've got no evidence to prove that. What we do know is that this chocolate just smacks of authenticity. It's not had the life ground out of it like Western makers tend to. There is just a wonderful vein of acidity that runs through a general forgiving experience which could generally characterised by cream, nuts and strawberries. 

This is far from a highly-polished chocolate, but very little is actually made from this 'estate' and virtually none sold in the UK. 

Additional Information

Maker Caribeans
Weight 25g
Cocoa 72% Minimum
Cultivar Matina
Ingredients Cocoa beans, organic sugar, cardamon,  cinnamon and nutmeg.
Origin Costa Rica
Region Puerto Viejo
Best Before 03/2016 

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