Caribeans 'Tequila Shot' 72%

Caribeans 'Tequila Shot' 72%

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Although the name 'Tequila Shot' may be a touch disingenuous as there in fact no Tequila in this chocolate, it does combine lime from their own land and sea salt - and as Meat Loaf once said: 'two out of three ain't bad'. 

What you will get is a very subtle addition to their base Puerto Viejo 72% - just at the edges are flashes of authentic-tasting lime. The salt is hardly noticeable - which could be considered a good point seeing most 'sea salt chocolate' is too festooned with the saline that the core chocolate flavour is completely lost. Thankfully the lime and salt just dance around the lovely, rustic, authentic-tasting chocolate.

Additional Information

Maker Caribeans
Weight 25g
Cocoa 72% Minimum
Cultivar Matina
Ingredients Cocoa beans, organic sugar, lime leaves, sea salt
Origin Costa Rica
Region Puerto Viejo
Best Before 01/2016 

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