Caribeans Three Kings 72%

Caribeans Three Kings 72%

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The wonderful Caribeans chocolate makers from Costa Rica have combined their wonderful 'Matina' cocoa  with their 'Three Kings': Cinnamon, Cardamom & Nutmeg to produce a very pleasant, if not a touch 'tart' and 'tangy' chocolate. It actually comes across as one that's been under-conched, but it's simply the addition of these three spices - along with a 24-36 hour conch.

After the second small bite you'll actually be craving for more - the task is to get past the first which may make you stand back and wonder 'what the heck is going on?' It should be noted, that this bar is from a very small maker on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and as such, the processes may be rudimentary but the texture certainly isn't. 

Additional Information

Maker Caribeans
Weight 25g
Cocoa 72% Minimum
Cultivar Matina
Ingredients Cocoa beans, organic sugar, cardamon,  cinnamon and nutmeg.
Origin Costa Rica
Region Puerto Viejo
Best Before 03/2016 

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