Casa Luker Columbian Couverture 100% Chocolate Buttons 250g

Casa Luker Columbian Couverture 100% Chocolate Buttons 250g

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NB: We have reduced the price for the last few remaining bags from this batch due to the fact that many of the discs are broken. If you would like to give 100% couverture as a gift we recommend the Menakao version.

Who said that chocolate buttons are only for those with a sweet tooth? Here we have 100% cocoa chocolate 'buttons' made with fine aroma cocoa from Columbia and produced by the highly ethical Columbian chocolate makers: Casa Luker (they're great people too). 

Casa Luker don't offer any 'retail' products for the 100% chocolate lover so we have created these 250g pouches of the bitter chocolate because we love it and we feel that much of the 100% chocolate the market is doesn't often cater for those with a love for extra-bitter 100% - i.e. less cocoa butter. Now we don't have exact information (as yet) as to the % of the cocoa butter, but from taste it feels remarkably low - perhaps not as low as the Finca 100%, but still this is offers a more intense experience than much of the 100% we have here.

We feel that often the price of 100% can be excessive and although we offer 100% in 1kg block form and even 2.5kg pistoles you might just like to try a chocolate but at an economical rate. This bag of 100% chocolate works out at an equivalent of £1.52 for an 80g 'bar', or about 65% off what you would normally pay.
We now offer an even larger format of 5kg at a large discount for ardent fans.


Best Before 31/03/2016
Ingredients Cocoa solids
Cocoa 100% minimum
Cocoa Butter Content ~52% minimum
Produced In Columbia
Weight 250g minimum
Variety Blend of Fino de Aroma beans.
Dietary May contain traces of nuts, dairy and soya.

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