Chapon 75% Cuba Dark Chocolate

Chapon 75% Cuba Dark Chocolate

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At first the aroma of this chocolate made with cocoa from Cuba reminded me of the cigars the island nation have become known for. But on reflection it is more akin to the Turkish and Lebanese restaurants  you'll find with Hookah along the southern end of the Edgware road in London, for there is a load of soft spice and molasses going on here. There too is a great deal of citrus and fig which becomes present part way through the melt. At the very end you may get hazelnut.

This a chocolate that has no other chocolate with a similar flavour profile. To me it is a unique chocolate with a great tartness but fruity backdrop and hence isn't for someone new to dark chocolate.

Please note. We are unable to sell this if you transact via PayPal as we know of another chocolate retailer in Germany that had their PayPal account closed due to USA restrictions of trade with Cuba. We know that this chocolate has passed from Cuba to France to the UK, but they seem unable to understand that this chocolate was actually made in France. Our sincere apologies for this. 

Additional Information

Weight 75g minimum
Bean Hybrid
Origin Baracoa, Cuba
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao bean 75%
Best Before 31/04/2016
Produced In France
Batch No 131227771
Batch No 140127771