Chapon 75% Ecuador Dark Chocolate

Chapon 75% Ecuador Dark Chocolate

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The aroma screams Pernod and the initial flavour is heavy on coffee notes. Behind that lies marshmallow. This is a strange combination but is a curiosity only matched by the curious slow melt that seems to coat the inside of your mouth with liquid chocolate. Just as with the Venezuela 75% this gives the sense that it has a long conch given by the lack of heavy tannins or acids. This is almost Venzy like, perhaps even a Porcelana-like quality. 

As you try another square, these flavours should soften and become creamier. There will still be a noticeable acidity, but far less than Chapon's Rio Caribe and Chuao and is more apt for those who appreciate mellow flavours.

Additional Information

Weight 75g minimum
Bean Blend
Origin Ecuador
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao solids, cocoa butter, sugar, soya lecithin
Produced In France
Cocoa 75% minimum
Batch No 140130771