Chapon 75% Venezuela Dark Chocolate

Chapon 75% Venezuela Dark Chocolate

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Unlike the Chuao and the 100% from Chapon this is a blend of cocoas that is far more restrained and more of a archetypal 'chocolaty' flavour. On the edges it offers a fairly noticeable coconut profile along with a touch of cherry.

Some have criticised this chocolate, however, I feel this is because its subtlety has been overlooked. This chocolate isn't as acidic or tart as the other single origins in Chapon's stable. Instead it offers a more relaxed experience. One where you wish to lay back into a chocolate rather be jolted by tannins. If you try this chocolate with that mindset then you shouldn't be distracted.

Additional Information

Weight 75g minimum
Bean Blend
Origin Venezuela
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao solids, cocoa butter, sugar, soya lecithin
Produced In France
Cocoa 75% minimum
Batch No 140130771