Exclusive Chocablog 100% Madagascar

Exclusive Chocablog 100% Madagascar

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Dom at Chocablog has been reviewing chocolate for a few years and now he's stepped up to the plate and started making it. During the conversation we had about where he was sourcing his beans I suggested that he give 100% a go. If any new maker out there 100% is the hardest of all as you cannot hide behind sugar to give the chocolate profile - your ability to roast and grind cocoa is put into full focus. What's more, with Madagascan cocoa often having such a definitive flavour profile, Dom has perhaps chosen the hardest, most unforgiving beans to start with, so it was interesting to see what he could accomplish having only started making chocolate a few months ago.

The beans used here are from Chocolaterie Robert who have made some excellent 100%s. Those chocolates are very much of the 'rich and creamy' style whilst Dom takes a different approach, one more akin to Finca Chocolate which is intense. But Dom just pulls it back a touch and puts it into the more accessible region of 'pure' chocolate. The red fruit flavours are less evident here - because the level of cocoa butter and sugar is present in much lower quantities (there isn't any sugar added) that those flavours are more concentrated and focused which leads this chocolate to be more tart. 

For someone that is so new to chocolate this is an excellent first release of a 100%. We do know how difficult this grade of chocolate is to make so it is remarkable what he has achieved.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Produced In London.
Ingredients Madagascan cocoa beans, Madagascan cocoa butter.
Origin Madagascar
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 31/01/2016

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