Chocablog 72% Colombia

Chocablog 72% Colombia

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There's something about Columbian cocoa that I just love. I'm not sure if it’s the soft, floral notes often present or the candy-floss characteristic I seem to find when trying the chocolate, but this origin just has the X-Factor. When it comes to Columbia some may think of the fairly large scale producers such as Santander or Casa Luker, but there is more variety out there. But relatively smaller makers have produced chocolate with Columbian cacao, most notably Morin, Castronovo, Dandelion and even Pacari. But now, thanks to the improved availability of chocolate making equipment as well as cocoa and the sharing of information between people, a microbatch maker in the form of Dom Ramsey can make chocolate using Columbian beans.

Dom may have used Casa Luker's beans, but he's most certainly but his own stamp on them. His Ecuadorian 70% may be fairly tart, but this Columbian 72% has that floral, funfair flavour that I just love. Yes, there are a couple of rough edges as there is another ghost-like flavour that wisps around as it melts and a grapefruit flavour knocking the high notes, but all that does is make this chocolate a medley of flavours than a symphony. It's more naive than sophisticated - there's more charm that should be present in chocolate made by somebody so new to chocolate making.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Produced In London.
Ingredients Cocoa beans, Unrefined cane sugar, coca butter.
Origin Columbia (Casa Luker_
Cocoa 72% minimum
Best Before 31/01/2016