Choco del Sol Raw Cocoa Beans

Choco del Sol Raw Cocoa Beans

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Typically during the chocolate making process cocoa beans will be fermented which is an incredibly important part of developing the flavour of the final chocolate, but after that cocoa beans are dried and then often transported thousands of miles to Europe or America and then roasted. The beans we have here are the ones that have been dried on site but not roasted. If you are fascinated by the chocolate making process you can compare how these unroasted beans compare in terms of flavour than the roasted ones.

There are many uses of cocoa beans before they are turned into chocolate. You could use them in your baking, to add to your breakfast or even ice cream - virtually always crunched up and turned into 'nibs'. 

NB: the image says geröstet (roasted), but they are, in fact, roh ("raw" i.e. unroasted).

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Best Before 20 August 2015
Certification Organic
Origin Belize
Varietal Trinitario
Produced in Germany
Ingredients 100% whole shelled and roasted cocoa beans.

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