Choco del Sol Roasted Cocoa Beans (100%)

Choco del Sol Roasted Cocoa Beans (100%)

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Based on the demand for the Domori roasted cocoa beans we thought we'd hunt down some other types of roasted beans. When we found these from Choco Del Sol we were intrigued as we have a very large soft spot for the country of origin: Belize. This small Caribbean nation not only produces the highly prized Criollo bean but also of the Trinitario hybrid - the type of these beans.

Of course cocoa beans, are dry, strange and intended for people that are amazed by the seed - as well as people that like to crunch them up and add to breakfast cereals or even add boiling water and turn into their own form of tea - or even add to herbal teas.

A growing number of people are making chocolate themselves and if you know your way around the flavour precursors in bean then this may be a good way of exploring potential beans to make your own bars from. Other uses include adding to your baking. You could add them to brownies, cakes, etc. Personally, I like to add them crunched up to vanilla ice cream.

Additional Information

Weight 100g
Best Before 12 August 2015
Certification Organic
Origin Belize
Varietal Trinitario
Produced in Germany
Ingredients 100% whole shelled and roasted cocoa beans.

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