Chocolarder 100%

Chocolarder 100%

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Criollo beans at the 100% cocoa level, what could go wrong? Well a lot could, but thankfully it hasn't here. This is a chocolate for fans of highly intense chocolate that is a great distance from much no-added sugar chocolate that relies on higher levels of cocoa butter or longer conches to make the end product more palatable. Although those of us that are experienced in the world of powerful dark chocolate would know what is possible when you don't adulterate chocolate with sugar, but still many would be surprised with the power if this one.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Cocoa 100% minimum
Ingredients Cacao beans
Origin Peru
Dietary May contain nut traces and traces of dairy
Bean Criollo
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes These rare Criollo beans are delicately slow roasted, resulting in intense flavours of vanilla, dark red fruits and deep earth tones.

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