Chocolarder 40% Java Milk Chocolate

Chocolarder 40% Java Milk Chocolate

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If you ever try this chocolate put it up to your nose first. Few chocolates have garnered such an instinctive identification of aroma as this. Usually chocolate made from cocoa from Java has a smoky profile, but this one strangely has more of a coconut complexion. With that you also get a fruity, Caribbean tone much like the fruit and nut mix with coconut and strange cubes of some fruit which I still don't know what it is. 

Beyond these flavours there is a tartness at the side of the mouth where the sweetness, the milk and the cocoa meet at a confluence of enjoyment. 

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Cocoa 40% minimum. 30% minimum milk solids.
Ingredients Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, whole milk powder.
Origin Java
Dietary May contain nut traces and traces of dairy.
Bean Trinitario
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes The naturally sweet Javan cocoa beans result in a rich and creamy milk chocolate with clotted cream notes and occasional hints of raisin and fudge.

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