Chocolarder Dominican Republic 80%

Chocolarder Dominican Republic 80%

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Domincan Republic is a melting pot of cacao, due to its important place in regional, and international trade during the early commercialisation of the cocoa industry. You can find a variety of strains including Amelonado from the Amazonian Basin, Nacional from Ecuador, Trinitario from Trinidad, and in this case, Criollos from Venezuela. As cocoa is such a 'tart' in the flora world, the purity of the Criollo on the island may not be as refined as some of almost ecosystems within Venezuela itself, but still, the end result here is still fantastic. 

If we did have to generalise chocolate from this region, you shouldn't go too far expecting heaps of tannins and fruits, perhaps even spice. And with this chocolate it's not a surprise to have these notes in heaps on the nose, and it follows through with a very intoxicating flavour. It seems that even with a grind length of 80 hours on a Criollo, a lot of that natural acidity is still present. One would think that as a Criollo far more of the acidity and tannins would have been worked out of the chocolate. But to its credit this chocolate retains much more of those natural flavours that dark chocolate lovers often crave. 

If you do prefer sharp acids against pleasant notes reminiscent of Georgian drawing rooms where brandy and cigars are enjoyed.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Cocoa 80% minimum
Ingredients Cacao beans, raw cane sugar.
Origin Dominican Republic
Dietary May contain nut traces and traces of dairy
Bean Criollo
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Allowed to melt slowly, early notes of woods and winter spices build to a slightly tart cherry flavour, gently evolving into rich raspberry jam after-tones.

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