Chocolarder Nibbed Cacao 65% Dark

Chocolarder Nibbed Cacao 65% Dark

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Far too many chocolate makers go overboard with their cocoa nibs bars - they just coat every conceivable space with nibs. The end result creates a disjoint between the sharp, caramel flavours of the nibs against the smoothness and sophistication of the chocolate itself. But you most certainly don't get that with this chocolate. A great percentage of this chocolate is sugar, rather than milk and it uses the nibs as a balanced and timely addition to the experience rather than the focal point. The end result is a chocolate that makes you crave more and more.

Additional Information

Weight 70g
Cocoa 65% minimum.
Ingredients Cacao beans, raw cane sugar.
Origin Peru
Dietary May contain nut traces and traces of dairy
Bean Criollo
Best Before End of June 2015
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Strong caramel and earthy tones of the chocolate and a distinct peaty whiskey flavour from the crunchy cacao nibs slowly subside together leaving a bright fruity after-tone with a crisp finish.

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