Chocolat Madagascar Organic 100% 1kg Couverture Block

Chocolat Madagascar Organic 100% 1kg Couverture Block

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If you love this 100% chocolate as much as we do then you'll probably the wondering if there's a more economic method of acquiring it. Thankfully you can purchase this wonderful 100% in couverture, block form where each pack contains ten 100g bars which works out at roughly 11 of the 85g bars. They may not have the same visual finish as the retail bars, but the flavour is just as great. 

We're not entirely sure how long this chocolate should last you, but we suggest just getting the one bar out at a time and hiding the rest somewhere difficult to locate otherwise you'll find  yourself going through it quite quickly.

NB: this is now the organic version of the 100%


Ingredients Cocoa solids
Cocoa 99% minimum, (all ingredients suggest this is a 100% chocolate and is labelled as such)
Produced In Madagascar
Weight 85g
Origin Sambriano Valley, Madagascar
Variety A blend of Criollo, Trinitario and Foreastero)
Dietary Gluten free, may contain traces of soya, Suitable for vegetarians.