Chocolat Madagascar 50% Milk with Cashew

Chocolat Madagascar 50% Milk with Cashew

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Lovers of the sumptuous Madagascar 50% may want to explore more that this maker has to offer, and a good place to start would be this bar which includes cashew nuts. For me this is a chocolate that works well on a Saturday evening watching Johnathan Ross with a glass of red wine as the sweetness of the chocolate cuts through the tartness of the wine and refreshes the taste buds.


Best Before 23/10/2015
Ingredients Madagascar Cocoa Beans, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Cashew Nuts, Emulsifier: GMO Free Soya Lecithin.
Cocoa 50% minimum
Produced In Madagascar
Weight 85g
Origin Sambriano Valley, Madagascar
Cocoa Butter 25% Minimum
Dietary Gluten free, may contain traces of soya, Suitable for vegetarians.

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