The Chocolate Tree 80% Venezuela

The Chocolate Tree 80% Venezuela

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The Chocolate Tree's Carenero is an utterly superb chocolate. If you're always been worried that 80% would be too bitter for you, perhaps because you've tried a supermarket 80% then you can be rest-assured that the acidity present here is balanced, flavoursome and utterly delicious.

Caranero is very much renowned for producing cacao that offers fruit flavours but also spice with it.  However, we get a lovely undercurrent of hazelnut, combined with mango and papaya and the odd flash of nutmeg and cinnamon. There is also a veneer of tobacco that all adds to the wonderful variety of flavours.

This chocolate holds its own amongst the likes of Domori, Rózsavölgyi and Dandelion and is certainly a personal favourite.

Additional Information

Weight 80g minimum
Bean Criollo
Origin Venezuela
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao beans, organic cane sugar
Tasting Notes 'Fruit, nut and spice notes' 
Best Before 05/08/2016

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