Chapon 100% from Rio Caribe

Chocolats Chapon 100% Rio Caribe Venezuela

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Lovers of 100% chocolate should absolutely adore this one made by the outstanding Patrice Chapon in Paris from Rio Caribe Criollo-related cacao. Not only is the packaging absolutely wonderful with the pink flamingos (we're not too good at zoology), butterflies and tropical scenery, but it also contains a beautifully rich and engaging bar. 

The finish to the chocolate is also superb as it formed into a 75g tablette with large, shiny squares. The snap is robust so don't expect it to break easily, but the effort will be worth it as the flavour is heavy on peat and whisky but with a earthen under-current which might also give raw mushroom. 

Although Rio Caribe has seen it's cacao population seriously worked on over the past generation or so and has less 'purity' (if there is any such cacao left), but we do feel it offers a good, powerful 100% which is several steps up from the Bouga Rustica. This is certainly one for the purists.


Additional Information

Weight 75g minimum
Bean Expected Criollo
Origin Rio Caribe, Venezuela
Dietary May contain traces of dairy, nuts, soya, gluten.
Ingredients Cacao bean (100%)
Produced In France
Also See Domori Rio Caribe 100%, Willie's Venezuelan Black

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