Claudio Corallo Sablé 80%

Claudio Corallo Sablé 80%

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Claudio Corallo is an excellent chocolate maker that takes a dedication to quality to unparalleled levels. He spends a great length of time scrambling around São Tomé looking for the finest cacao pods. He tweaks the roasting process depending on the cocoa he has sourced and then has the roasted cocoa beans hand checked and sorted again - before the final stages of the chocolate making processes are begun. It's this attention to detail that makes his chocolate well-worth looking out for. What's more, Claudio produces a very small amount of chocolate each year so we're very lucky to be stocking this fine bittersweet chocolate made with Trinitario cacao.

This chocolate isn't highly polished as Domori and certainly falls more into the rustic category than much of the chocolate you'll find here, but that's certainly to Claudio's credit. And despite heavily featuring sugar crystals the aroma is very deep and punchy. You should get strong ground coffee with an earthiness only punctuated by some blueberry notes. 

The flavour is little different. You'll still get a heavy, deep, roasted character with the crystallised sugar distracting somewhat to these brutish flavours. Given the presence of the sugar crystals you should expect a crunch to the texture, and that's certainly what you get.


Maker Claudio Corallo
Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Cocoa 80% minimum
Produced-in Sao Tome & Principe
Weight 160g
Dietary None stated