Claudio Corallo Soft 73.5%

Claudio Corallo Soft 73.5%

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If the intensity of the Claudio Corallo 80% wasn't your thing then we have a much softer, Forastero chocolate at the 73.5% level. Traditionally I would say that having a chocolate at the 73.5% level would just be a maker being pretentious, but knowing of Claudio's precise attitude to chocolate maker I'm sure there's a valid gastronomic reason for it.

That precision in terms of the manufacture of the chocolate doesn't continue with the moulding, however. Instead Claudio prefers the rustic appearance. Even at the 50g size Claudio prefers to offer his chocolate in two thin slabs as if they were shards of slate. There's no highly polished appearance and no branding moulded in.

In terms of aroma I feel there are few with such a strident nose. The aromatics are of an intense cocoa and hops roast with coffee also dominant. Whilst the flavour is remarkably more subtle. You should get the pre-requisite natural bitterness, but also hints of under-ripe citrus fruit whilst the coffee notes return. 


Maker Claudio Corallo
Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Cocoa 73.5% minimum
Produced-in Sao Tome & Principe
Weight 50g
Dietary None stated