Colombia 100% Dark Chocolate with Salt & Vinegar

Colombia 100% Dark Chocolate with Salt & Vinegar

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Yes, we were a bit curious when we were first told that we can have salt & vinegar flavoured chocolate. And of course, we jumped at the opportunity. How it actually turns out is a matter of personal taste. Despite sea salt being a staple topping for fine chocolate, the vinegar takes it into a direction that contrasts greatly with the mellow and smooth chocolate base. I suspect this is very much a 'Marmite' chocolate that you'll either love or hate.

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Manufacturer The Chocolte Cafe
Ingredients 100% Colombian 'Fino de Aroma' Cacao Mass, sea salt, malt viniegar, maltodextrin, .malic acid, dextrin, sugar, soy bean oil, silicon, dioxide.
Origin Colombia
Cocoa 100% minimum in the chocolate.

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