Colombia 100% with Coffee

Colombia 100% with Coffee

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We just love the Casa Luker 100% so we're thrilled that to offer the Chocolate Cafe's interpretation of this wonderful cocoa from Colombia along with some ground coffee from the same origin. 

Along with the strong floral notes and partial creaminess the coffee notes just hang back a touch and don't dominate. Instead they somehow manage to offer a cherry-like profile that is unusual and unexpected. There is a tartness that pervades the experience but is never 'in your face'.

This is a bar for the serious 100% lovers that may already have tried Casa Luker's version, but are keen to try new interpretations. 

Additional Information

Weight 85g
Manufacturer The Chocolate Cafe
Lot Number n/a
Ingredients 100% Colombian 'Fino de Aroma' Cacao Mass, Colombian Arabica Coffee
Origin Colombia
Cocoa 100% minimum
Best Before 27/06/2016

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