Coppeneur 85% Ghana

Coppeneur 85% Ghana

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Coppeneur disproves the theory that all Forastero/Amelonado chocolate is bereft of flavour with this lovely 85% bar. This perception has meant that many chocolate makers shun West African cacao for the 'fine flavour' origins of central and south America, some of Indonesia and Madagascar. The issue is that this chocolate does dispel many of those myths. 

The finish is perfect - with a wonderful design embossed which you can see through the clear plastic wrapping. When you break that apart you will be able to recognise the aroma distinctive of chocolate from this region. It's not as varied and soft as Venezuelan cacao or as fruity-acidic as Madagascan instead there's a touch of tobacco and salinity. 

The flavour is much more smooth and creamy than you would expect from a typical 85%. There's very little sweetness, but a heap load of creaminess, similar to Greek yoghurt. It makes me think this chocolate is perfect for those that wanted to limit their sugar intake, but don't like the often heavy bitterness of chocolate at this level and beyond. 

At very end of the melt some strawberry notes appear and further add to the intrigue - along with a very slight hint of orange. It also goes all the way to prove that Forastero can be soft and gentle.


Additional Information

Weight 50g
Lot Number 57043
Best Before 31/07/2015
Produced In Germany
Cocoa 85%
Origin Ghana
Dietary May contain nuts, lactose and gluten.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, cane sugar, coca butter.