Coppeneur Limited Edition Venezuela 73%

Coppeneur Limited Edition Venezuela 73%

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The Rozsavolgyi Csokolade Sur Del Lago 84% has been very popular, but for some the push may into 84% may be too much, so here we have a much lighter chocolate which still is made from Trinitario from the superb Sur del Lago origin in northern Venezuela.

This chocolate smacks of orange at first but then is abundant in coconut and plums and strawberry. But still with a bitterness lurking in the background that just wants to break out, but is actually kept firmly in check. I'm sure you'll find it as difficult to hold back as I do. This is such an intriguing chocolate. It wraps Caribbean flavours around your tongue much in the same way as Malibu does. This is certainly a personal favourite.

Additional Information

Weight 50g
Lot Number 27042
Best Before 31/04/2015
Produced In Germany
Cocoa 73% minimum
Origin Venzuela. Sur del Lago
Dietary May contain nuts, dairy and lactose.
Ingredients Cocoa mass, cane sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin. Conched 60h.
Tasting Notes
At first, fine floral aromas unfold with fruity notes with very subdued acids. The first melt is sweet and soft. Then join add impressions of sweet, dark rum and cedar. Among their influences make them as the finish dry and long lasting.