Daintree Estates 45% Milk Chocolate

Daintree Estates 45% Milk Chocolate

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The dark chocolate made by Daintree Estates made with cocoa grown in Australia is proving very popular, so now we've included similarly large bars of their milk chocolate. Just as with the dark, Daintree's chocolate has a very unusual flavour and is certainly one that I've not found replicated elsewhere. This has a great cream and caramel quality that is just striking, it's checked as not to be overpowering, but still very noticeable. 

Some have been confused by this chocolate. They just don't get it. We appreciate it and so does C Spot who have given it a score of 8.92/10 - and they know what they're talking about!



Weight 80g
Varietal Unknown
Ingredients Australian Raw Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Australian cocoa beans, Full cream milk powder, skimmed milk powder, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour
Origin Queensland Australia
Cocoa 45% minimum
Milk Solids 20% minimum
Best Before 10/12/2014