Daintree Estates 70% Dark Chocolate

Daintree Estates 70% Dark Chocolate

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The perception of Australia is that it’s an arid nation with a fairly laid-back culture. Rarely do we hear about the monsoon climate in the Far North of Queensland. The correct balance between heat, sunlight, precipitation, nutrition and shelter is crucial for the success of cacao - as well as the willingness of people to maintain and harvest the cacao and turn it into chocolate. Those conditions are well and truly met with this wonderful dark chocolate made with cacao from a variety of farms to the north of Cairns and on the edges of the Daintree National Park.

In terms of flavour profile this has a strong sweet bias. There is caramel in spades but also pineapple, under-ripe bananas and a touch of fig for added interest. This is a great deal sweeter than much 70% chocolate. But that being said its characteristic is much more interesting and unique than most of the dark chocolate you'll find on the market. It even has a slight spice edge that does often come across in many of the Marou dark bars.

Another interesting aspect is that the aroma is in direct contrast to the flavour. Its fructose acidic with balsamic thrown in too. At the very top edge you may also find maple syrup.

The texture is soft and forgiving. Ultimately it doesn't have a lengthy melt. But I suspect you won't even notice that as the flavour is just so 'out there' that your mind will be fixated on that.


Weight 80g
Varietal Unknown
Ingredients Australian cocoa beans, Australian Raw Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour
Origin Queensland Australia
Cocoa 70%
Best-before 10/12/2014


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