Demarquette 100% Dominica

Demarquette 100% Dominica

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Hopefully we will have this new 100% in stock early in the New Year. Marc and his team are currently working hard fulfilling their Christmas chocolate orders and if you are interesting in trying this chocolate you can buy it direct from them here.

This chocolate is so typical of what we would expect from the Dominican Republic - earthy, tobacco, fairly dry, leather, under-ripe banana and even with a backdrop of Brandy. It then hits you with cherry and candifloss. 

What I love about this chocolate is that it is unlike many I have tried before - there's just so much going on and it reaches for intense tartness but pulls back just before. It takes you to the edge but no further.  

Additional Information

Weight 22g
Best Before 3rd Dec 2015
Cocoa Solids 100%
Beans Trinitario
Origin Domincan Repubic