Dick Taylor 72% Belize

Dick Taylor 72% Belize

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This Belize 72% originates from the Moho River Valley in the south of the country - the same region as the fine Mast Brothers version as well as the Moho Chocolate company and the Belize Chocolate Company. 

This chocolate seemingly offers something different for each taster. Some get a deep wood flavour accompanied by wild cherry with an almond finish. I seem to align myself with the tasting notes as it certainly does have an earthy character supported by mild spices. The aroma carries that rusticity through which pushes this bar, despite its smooth aesthetics, into a more of brutish chocolate than a session one.


Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Cocoa 72% minimum
Produced In California
Weight 57g
Batch Number N/a
Origin Belize
Dietary -

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