Dick Taylor 72% Madagascar

Dick Taylor 72% Madagascar

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This chocolate originates form Bertil Åkesson's Sambriano Valley, Madagascar farm and as you would expect produces a flavour profile dominated by red fruit and molasses. The aroma that precedes this is similarly of sharp fruits but no astringency. 

Madagascar does allow for some great chocolate and this creation by Adam and Dustin, produced in their small-scale Californian facility is a prime example of what can be achieved when focus is placed on a wonderful bean and not distracted by additives such as vanilla or soya lecithin. 

True skill was employed in the production of this chocolate and is suited to those that do appreciate fine chocolate untainted by added ingredients. This chocolate is 72% cocoa and 28% sugar.


Best-before -
Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Cocoa 72% minimum
Produced-in California
Weight 57g
Batch Number -
Dietary -

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