Dick Taylor Black Fig

Dick Taylor Black Fig

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Here's one for those critics of the CCN-51 hybrid bean that some wrongly assume is all that Ecuador produces. This certainly won't appeal to all fine chocolate lovers purely because it is made with a forced cocoa hybrid, but that's not to say that it doesn't have its place in the general roster of interesting, flavoured chocolate. 

Figs obviously do offer a pretty intense flavour and that's certainly what you'll find here. To add this dried fruit to a sensitive and delicate fine cacao would do it injustice, but if you wanted to try something different then this chocolate certainly does have its merits. Be prepared of an intense experience though.


Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter, figs
Cocoa 70% minimum
Produced-in California
Weight 57g
Batch Number -
Origin Ecuador
Strain CCN-51
Dietary -