Dick Taylor 72% Fleur de Sel

Dick Taylor 72% Fleur de Sel

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This Fleur de Sel is an enhanced version of the Dominican Republic 74% which offered some very interesting flavours. Here, that lime flavour has been enhanced with the addition of French hand-harvest sea salt. Together they deliver and blissful payload. Occasionally the addition of sea salt can overpower the natural flavours of the cocoa and lead it into an unfortunate direction. This chocolate expertly avoids that. 

The salt subsides quickly as it drags out the inherent, sharp flavours of the DR cocoa out and lets it play on your tongue. This is certainly one of our favourites here.


Ingredients Cocoa, sugar, cocoa butter
Cocoa 72% minimum
Produced-in California
Weight 57g
Batch Number -
Origin Dominican Republic
Dietary -