Doble And Bignall 100% Puerto Cabello

Doble And Bignall 100% Puerto Cabello

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We were sent sample bars of this chocolate and recently revisited our sample stash of chocolate and pulled this one out at random - not knowing it was any more and thought 'now that's a lovely chocolate'. The great thing about trying chocolate in this fashion is that you judge the chocolate on its merits and not on the reputation of the maker or your knowledge of the bean type or origin.

The beans used in this chocolate were Amelonado which doesn't have a reputation of producing excellent chocolate - but that reputation is out of date as Pralus produce a great Amelonado from West Africa while Akessons, Metiisto and Szántó Tibor have produced fine chocolate from this particular estate. And Doble & Bignal have indeed followed ably in their footsteps.

This is certainly a high cocoa butter dark and certainly much creamier than Doble's other bars. But, to me at least, it continues the great trend of the Brazilian maker: AMMA. If there could be a typical "chocolatey" flavour that you may see labelled on 'flavour wheels' this has to be it. It's bordering on a dark milk in terms of intensity and is perfect for the moment your backside finally meets the sofa after a very hard day at work.  

Additional Information

Weight 30g
Cocoa 72%
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & cocoa butter with a 72 hour conch. 
Origin Fazenda, Mata Atlantica, Brazil
Dietary Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Bean Amelonado (Parasinho)
Best Before 21/03/2017 - batch 189
Manufacturer's Notes Our 72% dark chocolate is creamy and fruity, flavours of cherries and peach with background notes of vanilla and wood.