Doble & Bignall Panama Tierra Oscura 72%

Doble & Bignall Panama Tierra Oscura 72%

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These beans come from a very small harvest on the islands of Tierra Oscura and a promontory of the Panamanian Caribbean coast. Most of the cacao produced in Panama is grown in the Bocas del Toro region of the mainland where the genetic pool originates from Ecuador, but here we have a more coastal climate and terroir which will affect the flavour balance of the cocoa bean.

Relatively few makers have produced chocolate from this origin, and those that have produced some very good stuff, including Zotter, Theo and Duffy (from the same region). Here Margie and Simon have produced a very intriguing chocolate which somehow mixes coffee notes with Black Forest gateaux. It's delightful, but as the flavour is direct I suspect you will consume this one in smaller pieces.

Additional Information

Maker Doble & Bignall
Weight 80g
Cocoa 72%
Ingredients Cocoa beans, cane sugar & cocoa butter
Origin Panama
Bean Unknown
Best Before 15/03/2016
Manufacturer's Tasting Notes Its flavours of black cherry, coffee and dried fruits will make you smile.